2.5cc Plastic engine by Ladislav Davidovitch

This is one (1) of only six engines produced by Ladislav Davidovitch as samples for government assistance in sales .
Jimmy Dunkin’s Reference Book of International 2.5cc engines (page 36) states that “the government at the time still had communist mentality and turned him down” so only about a half dozen engines were produced with both white and black plastic cases.

Engine Description

This example has a black plastic crankcase, clear plastic backplate (as a see-through), and plastic connecting rod .
The intake is aluminium with needle valve and body in brass/steel .
The cylinder liner/piston and crankshaft are steel with a four (4) bolt aluminium head .
The exhaust stack and muffler both have copper sheet lining to protect from melting the plastic .
Dunkin’s Book states that it was “reported the engine ran well” .
This engine is very rare and has not been run .

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

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